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Rugged Road Outdoors Selects Outtech for Sales & Marketing Partnership

Aurora, OH – Outtech Sales Services, an outdoor industry leader in sales and marketing, is pleased to announce their partnership with Rugged Road, makers of the ultralight high-performance cooler. Through this partnership, the Outtech Team will represent Rugged Road’s full line of coolers and accessories nationwide.

Coming in at less than half the weight of the competition with similar ice retention, the Rugged Road cooler technology is unlike anything else on the market. Rugged Road Coolers are coated in Rigorite™, an innovative proprietary spray that was originally developed for many military applications, including bomb-proofing the walls of the Pentagon. This coating makes the coolers strong enough to support the weight of an entire Jeep and tough enough to survive a drop off a mountainside.

Outtech Sales Services President, John Seliga, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration between the Outtech team and Rugged Road “in an industry driven by newness and innovation, Rugged Road's lightweight, high-performance coolers prove to be a great fit for our retail partners and the outdoor consumer.”

Added Will Morgan, Director of Sales for Rugged Road, “We are super excited about this sales partnership with the Outtech team. The Rugged Road brand is growing rapidly, and we believe that Outtech will add tremendous value to our customers and to the future growth of the company.”


Established in 1989, Outtech is one of the outdoor industry’s leaders in sales & marketing, maintaining a portfolio of brand leaders across hunt, camp, fish, shooting sports and outdoor lifestyle categories. Outtech is staffed with a group of over 80 industry specialists spread across multiple divisions, with over 1,500 combined years of experience in the outdoor industry. For more information visit

ABOUT RUGGED ROAD Rugged Road has reinvented the high-performance cooler. No more heavy plastic shells or thick, insulating walls that add unnecessary weight and take up precious storage space. They’ve combined two breakthrough technologies for unmatched strength, feather weight, and maximum storage capacity. And, of course, it keeps ice for 7 days. For more information, visit


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