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  • Kelsey Burkart

SAR USA Selects Outtech Sales Services

Aurora, OH – Outtech Sales Services, LLC (OSS), an outdoor industry leader in sales and marketing, is pleased to announce their partnership with Scissortail Firearms, the exclusive US importer of one of the oldest firearms manufacturers in the world, Sarsilmaz (SAR.) Through this partnership, Outtech will be working closely with SAR USA as their sales representation partners nationwide.

“SAR is no doubt one of the largest producers of firearms worldwide, bringing over 140 years of innovation, expertise, and proficiency” explained Outtech Sales Services President, John Seliga. “We trust that Sarsilmaz thru its US brand SAR USA, is committed to upholding high standards of quality and excellence, making it an ideal choice for our retail partners”

Headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey with over 1 million square feet of manufacturing space, Sarsilmaz has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality Pistols and Shotguns since 1880. SAR USA's product developers collaborate closely with Sarsilmaz engineers to create a product tailored specifically to the needs of American consumers.

With over a decade of experience facilitating the distribution of various manufacturers' products in the United States, Scissortail is eager to leverage its expertise in expanding the SAR product line within the American market. This valuable experience positions Scissortail to provide exceptional support and maximize the reach of SAR's offerings in the US.

Nathan Beauchamp, the owner of ScissorTail Firearms, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, saying, "Our team and the Outtech group are fully committed to supporting and accelerating the ongoing growth of the SAR brand in the USA. We are thrilled about this partnership and the opportunities it brings."


Since the beginning, Scissortail has been a trusted provider of value-added support for the distribution of firearms and ammunition from both domestic and international manufacturers to the US market. With a diverse team of experts spanning logistics, gunsmithing, and customer service, Scissortail possesses a unique advantage in adding value to brands seeking growth within the US shooting and hunting markets. Whether it's expanding market presence or enhancing customer satisfaction, Scissortail is well-equipped to assist brands in achieving their goals in the dynamic US firearms industry. For more information visit


Founded in 1880, Sarsilmaz (SAR) is a 140-year-old manufacturing/engineering company. It is respected worldwide for its high-quality small arms, aerospace engineering, and military and law enforcement high-capacity production capabilities. Their state-of-the-art firearms manufacturing facility is considered one of the world’s largest. In 2018 SAR established itself in the USA Market and has won the hearts of America as a reliable quality firearms producer. SAR is exclusively distributed in the USA through a partnership with ScissorTail Firearms.

For more information visit


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